001Horrorgraphy Project

Horrorgraphy is an art project established in 2012 and offers high-quality art horror images. The project was created in collaboration with models Marina, Victoria,
Eva, Vendi, Sanja, Tina and Žana.We spent a lot of time talking about the subject. Over time we developed a plan, finding locations and finaly we realized the idea.


002Model Release
Royalty-free HD clips and images of the horror concept are fully model and property released.
If you have any questions or request, please free to contact us.




003Should we be afraid of ghosts?
The ghost phenomenon has become so closely associated with the instinct of fear that it’s almost a given that, if asked, most people would admit that of course they would be frightened if they encountered an apparition. Why? Have ghosts really earned the reputation of being harmful to humans? Fear of ghosts – also known as spectrophobia or phasmophobia – most obviously stems from our fear of the unknown. This is a deep-seated fear that is hard-wired into our genetic makeup. The primitive parts of our brain that respond to instinct – a holdover from our cave-dwelling ancestors – flushes our bodies with adrenaline when we encounter a threat, preparing us to fight or flee. And when that threat is something unknown that might leap out of the darkness, we’d just as soon flee. After all, a ghost is the manifestation of a person who is dead. Not only is it an entity that we don’t understand, it is also a resident of the place many of us fear the most – the mysterious land of the dead.